Raspberry Pi WS2801 Bridge Kit

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Raspberry Pi WS2801 Bridge Kit


The Raspberry Pi WS2801 Bridge Kit contains everything you need to connect a WS2801 LED strip to a Raspberry Pi using the onboard SPI interface of the RaspberryPi.

It provides the required 3.3V (on the Raspberry Pi side) to 5V (on the LED strips side) level conversion for the SPI pins (CLOCK and DATA) and also contains a power jack for connecting the 5V power you need for the LED stripes.

It connects to the pin-header on the Raspberry Pi and also breaks out all these pins onto another pin-header so you can still use all of the pins for other fun stuff.

RaspberryPi WS2801 Bridge Kit includes

  • 1 1.6mm PCB
  • 1 socket to connect to a Raspberry Pi
  • 1 two row pin header to connect additional peripherals to your Raspberry Pi
  • 1 74HCT08N Levelshifter
  • 1 100nF Capacitor
  • 1 2.1mm Powersupply jack for 5V
  • 11x4 Pinheader for connecting the led strip


Please check out the python example code and the PCB design available on our github repository here: https://github.com/hackerspaceshop/RaspberryPI_WS2801_Bridge

We also got the standard JST 4-pin connectors used for most WS2801 strips and pixels.

Please add them from the options drop down if you need one.
If you select "full assembly" from below the PCB will be fully assembled but we will NOT solder the JST connector.
That is because there is no standardized pinout and there are so many ledstrip and pixel vendors these days.


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