Teensy 3.2

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Quick Overview

The Teensy 3.2 is a complete USB-based microcontoller development system, in a very small footprint!

It is Arduino compatible but features a brandnew ARM Cortex 32 bit processor technology and the form factor fits for breadboard development.

All programming is done via the USB port.

No special programmer is needed, only a standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port. (not included)

Teensy3.2 comes with pin headers (unsoldered).
Teensy 3.2

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  • Processor: MK20DX256VLH7 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 72 MHz
  • Flash: 256 kB
  • RAM: 64 kB
  • EEPROM: 2 kB
  • I/O Ports: 34, 3.3 Volt
  • Digital Input pins 5V tolerant!
  • Analog Input Pins: 12
  • PWM: 10
  • UART,I2C,SPI,CAN 1,1,3,1
  • Size 18mm x 35.5mm


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